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Where And How Can I Earn Leads For Real Estate Agency

Where And How Can I Earn Leads For Real Estate Agency


Are you new to the world of real estate business? Well, you have a lot to learn and overcome now that you are hoping to get your name out there. Finding clients is not easy and it does not become easier especially now that you are trying to secure your first listing for your real estate agency.

So, how can a rookie in the real estate business establish themselves and secure listings? Well, there are several steps that you should take in order to become a renowned real estate agent. To help you with this, we have organized the top 5 tips that will help you generate your first lead and more.

Tip #1 – Make Trulia and Zillow Your Best Friends

Did you know that Zillow attracts 160 million monthly visitors? Did you also know that the number of Zillow and Trulia visitors planning to buy a home via these platforms is 50%? That is not all. The number of monthly visitors to Zillow rental apps and sites is 32 million.

With this mind, you now know why you should make the two platforms – Zillow and Trulia – your favorites. Trust me, your first potential client and even the next one is using a mobile app or the web to find the best deal. The two platforms – Zillow and Trulia – plus Realtor.com hold a majority market share of the real estate listing.

Apart from that, they are popular with key demographics. Want to know how to get started with the above platforms? Here is a vital resource for you: 7 Ways to Get More Real Estate Leads From Zillow.

Tip #2 – Create or revamp your real estate business website

At the time of writing, there were 3.2 billion active internet users which accounts for more than 40% of the world’s population. On the World Wide Web, there are over 1 billion websites. What does this mean for a rookie real estate agency?

Developing and hosting your website online is not enough. Without proper marketing techniques or incorporating qualities that make your website stand out from the billions, you will never connect with your first client.

If you are just starting out today, developing a website for your real estate agent should be among the first things to do. To get started, hire a qualified and experienced web developer/designer with a proven track record. Have a concept in mind, explain your requirements to the developer, brainstorm on the concept and give the go-ahead to the developer.

Don’t know what should be incorporated on your real estate business website. Use the following resource as a guide: Best Practices for your Real Estate Website Home Page. The same principles should apply if you are revamping your website design. Don’t forget to ensure it’s responsive.

Tip #3 –Post high-quality content

It has been said over and over again that “Content is king.” This is true especially when you consider that the number of searches per day on Google is 3.5 billion and 1.2 trillion a year. As netizens, we consume a lot of information from news to social media posts.

As a rookie real estate agent, you can secure your first listing by investing in top-notch content. Now that your website is fully revamped and operational, it’s time to update your blog with new content. Posting relevant, informative, entertaining and credible content on your blog will not only attract new prospects but will help to establish your business as a trusted source of information.

You should take a step further by making your content shareable. This calls for the addition of social media share buttons. Remember, the key to attracting new prospects and securing your listing is posting content that highlights and solves problems facing your key demographic. Don’t forget to create “evergreen” content.

Tip #4 – Get more leads from Market Leader

Ever heard of the following business quote “You have to spend money to make money.” Well, it’s true especially in the highly competitive world of today. Let’s face it. You can share content on social media, revamp your website and create profiles on leading real estate listing platforms but you will still be unable to reach your commission and transaction income goals. To accelerate your business goals, buy exclusive leads from Market Leader.

Here me out. HouseValues.com is a subsidiary of Market Leader and the platform is famous for providing potential home sellers with information on how much a house is worth. Buying exclusive leads from Market Leader guarantees that you will achieve your commission and transaction goals. The best thing about Market Leader is that the leads are created exclusively for you and not shared with other agents.

Want to get started? Check Lead Availability on Market Leader today!

Tip #5 – Leverage the power of 3D real estate listing

Close to 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube per day and in each month, 3.25 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube. That is not all. YouTube attracts 1,300,000,000 visitors and gets over 30 million unique visitors each day.

To secure your first listing and improve your commission goals, you have to leverage the power of 3D real estate listing. Using this technology helps to bring real estate listing to life thanks to the immersive experience. With a virtual tour, you can capture every visual aspect of the listing in a single shot.

The benefits of 3D virtual tours include:

Completely immersive

Offers real-world dimensions

Easy to share via URL

Virtual reality ready

Home seekers who interact with 3D virtual tours


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