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But They Tell Me I’m Too Small…..

Individuals often tell us that they have been told by their legal or tax advisor that they are too small to incorporate. After talking with these individuals further we discover that the answer of  “You’re too small”  is really just a way for the advisor to discourage further conversation and discussion because the advisor has […]

Characteristics of a Quality Logo

A logo is basically defined as a small graphic or picture that is associated with a brand or a company. However, it is more than just a simple collection of pixels or a mixture of ink; it is a graphic representation of the services and the products a company provides, an identification card stating everything […]

Where And How Can I Earn Leads For Real Estate Agency

Are you new to the world of real estate business? Well, you have a lot to learn and overcome now that you are hoping to get your name out there. Finding clients is not easy and it does not become easier especially now that you are trying to secure your first listing for your real […]

7 Most Important Designing and Development Ideas

One of the most important steps in the design process is accumulating the information you’ll need. This is usually achieved by either a face-to-face meeting with the client, a questionnaire (on- or off-line), or even a Skype meeting if you really wish to establish a personal relationship.  

Marketing Tips You Never Knew About

Majority of businesses fail to implement award winning marketing strategies thus failing to promote their brand, products and services to a wider audience. This has been attributed to the lack of understanding the basics of marketing. As a business, understanding these marketing basics is key to attracting more customers than your competitors.

Step by Step on How to Design a Postcard

Once you have your free postcard templates, it's time to create your postcard design. If you have a design template, all you need to do is swap photos and text. If you have a layout template, now is your chance to shine with a completely custom look. You can download graphics, stock photos, clip art, borders, symbols and shapes from many different online resources (do a search for these items) to round out your custom design.